Registration of tables in scientific papers

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The table is one of the forms of information presentation. Sometimes it fits a very large amount of materials in a convenient form.

This option is ideal for summarizing the findings, presenting calculations and analytical data, presenting information on slides. In the table, you can present the basic definitions and theses, the provisions with detailed characteristics, identify the main points of the study, demonstrate the analytical and analytical part, etc.

Basic rules for the design of tables

Consider the basic rules for the design of tables:

  • The table must be located in accordance with the structure and sections of the thesis so that it fits into the overall picture of the study and does not interfere with the perception of the main idea.
  • The text must contain a link to the table. It is best to immediately follow this link to place the material in tabular form. This approach will allow not to lose the meaning and course of the research, to understand what is reflected and what the author wanted to show.
  • Each table must have a name and a sequence number. Most often, the numbering is assigned to the object, taking into account the subsection in which it is located. For example, table 1.1., or Table 2.3.
  • Tables are numbered exclusively in Arabic numerals. The use of Roman numerals or mixed schemes is prohibited.
  • Do not leave large empty spaces before or after the table. It looks unaesthetic and may raise doubts in the commission.
  • It is advisable to fit the tables on one page. You can transfer them, but it is undesirable because it complicates the perception of the material.
  • The font in the tables can be reduced to 10-12. Minimum boundaries can be clarified at the department or from the supervisor.
  • If the author still has to transfer the table to the next sheet, then for simplicity, you can resort to column numbering. For this, it is necessary to number them under the names of the columns in the new line. When transferring material to the next page, it will be sufficient to indicate the numbering of the columns and the data.