Recommendation for writing a master dissertation

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When drawing up a rough plan, it is necessary to substantiate the chosen topic, i.e., indicate the purpose, objectives of the research, its subject, object, methodology.

Some higher educational institutions already at the initial stage of preparation for writing their work recommend to write a scientific article and publish it in one of the journals of the Higher Attestation Commission, as well as actively participate in various conferences.

What should a master’s thesis contain?

First of all, it should include a methodological introduction, in which it is necessary to substantiate the purpose of the research, to formulate the main tasks, and also to indicate the subject and object of research. It also provides an overview of all available literature, formulated a hypothesis and the provisions submitted to the defense.

As a rule, the main part consists of two or three large chapters, in which the research topic should be reflected. Each part is usually divided into subparagraphs, which describe a specific aspect. In the final part of the master’s thesis, the results of the study are recorded, and their practical significance is determined.

General rules for the design of the text of the master’s thesis

Any scientific work is made out according to a certain standard. When writing a master’s thesis should consider the following requirements:

  • The work is printed on A4 sheets in a black font (Times New Roman), font size 12-14;
  • line spacing should be one and a half;
  • text is aligned solely in width, and sheets are filled only on one side of the page;

The scope of the master’s thesis

As a rule, the average volume of the master’s thesis is from eighty to one hundred printed sheets, but these figures are not fixed since much depends on the direction of work. So, for example, a master’s thesis in humanities can be up to one hundred and twenty sheets, and technical ones can be only seventy or eighty.

Literature selection

As a rule, a master student gets acquainted with the works of his predecessors and also studies the lists of literature presented in their works Also, do not forget to view the catalogs and various scientific collections.