Pros and Cons of buying ready-made writing works

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Buying a finished project is one of the outputs for a student who, for whatever reason, could not complete this task on his own. This method of acquiring materials has a number of advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages of buying a ready-made course and theses


In the case of the acquisition of a finished project, a student does not need to pay much attention and time to the first standard stages of educational work like information retrieval, data systematization, practical part implementation, design, etc. In fact, he saves this resource since he pays for the service and immediately gets the finished material.


If you pre-order work from a trusted executor or contact specialized companies in the field of educational and scientific work, the cost of their services often turns out to be 30-40% higher than when buying ready-made material from the database. Therefore, the acquisition of finished coursework is much more profitable for the student.

Study with full work or its fragments

As a rule, the finished work is already in the database of the contractor, so the buyer can ask him to provide part of the work for the study. For example, a research plan or part of the text. Thus, the customer can check the presentation style, the intent of the researcher and the completeness of the disclosure of the topic.

Disadvantages of ready-made studies

The absence of your topic among the ready

Sometimes you may not find the topic chosen in the department among the finished works.


The finished coursework is usually available for sale to everyone. When buying such a project, you should think that you are far from being the first buyer and the science teacher could already see this work.


Each institution of higher education in each specialty approves the passport of the specialty and guidelines for work in all disciplines. To obtain a permit for protection, it is necessary that the work is properly framed. To do this, you should study the guidelines and check the structure, content, presentation of the material, references and footnotes, etc.