Overview of the main types of courseworks

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You can check students’ knowledge and skills with the help of a term paper. This type of scientific work is an independent study of the topic, conducting a practical research plan. During this event, the student should demonstrate such skills as collecting and processing information, organizing materials, analyzing the activities of a particular object, developing measures to solve the problem, etc.


This is one of the simplest and rare student work. It is a presentation of the theoretical aspects of the selected or given topic, the solution of the simplest tasks. The presentation of the material is in the form of a report.

Settlement and graphic

In this term paper, the student will not only have to complete the task assigned to him but also describe in detail the course of its solution. One of the most important requirements of this type of writing is the availability of an analytical part and graphic materials that simplify the assimilation of new information.


As a rule, the theme of such projects is contiguous and can relate to several disciplines at once. The peculiarity of such a term paper is that it is written in several subjects at once.

To fully open the topic, the student will have to make an extended plan. It is important to set a goal and define tasks. Sometimes it is necessary to combine several tasks into one in order to properly distribute the load, simplify the assimilation of the material, and make the content of the work coherent.

In the calculation and analytical part, all possible factors affecting the course of research should be covered.


This course work is intended to study the theoretical aspects of the framework of the topic and identify problem areas. It also provides the identification of current problems, their impact on the development of the object of study, the development of measures to eliminate vulnerabilities. It is important that when writing research coursework, reliable, valid and relevant data is used. The project can be based on monographs, scientific articles, dissertations, archival information, legislative acts, etc.

A feature of a research project is that the student has to conduct a study, put forward his hypothesis, substantiate and prove its effectiveness.